Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Idea #2--Hearts for Haiti--and an owl!

 If jewelry's not your mom's thing than perhaps she would like a beautiful hand carved heart made in Haiti.  These beautiful stone hearts will remind her of you and will become a treasured object.  Every mom will love a heart!
A portion of the sales of these hearts goes to helping the victims of the earthquake.  

These pretty handmade tin hearts are made in Peru or Mexico and will look so nice hanging on a wall.  

We have red, copper, or black (oxidized tin)

A silver heart with a bell inside would also make a thoughtful Mother's Day gift.  It comes in a pretty red velvet pouch for easy gift giving.  Made in Germany.

If hearts are not up her alley, a cool hand painted keepsake box would be a fantastic gift for Mom.  Inside, she can keep photos, mementos, jewelry, money, etc.  There is a small picture frame on the lid---put a picture of yourself in it and she will love it!!

Owls are so cute and very trendy right now, so if Mom is a bird lover or an owl collector, this hand carved owl from Peru will make an awesome gift. It is made from a gourd.  Look at how cute it is!

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