Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Gift Guide Part 4---The Foodie Dad

Does your dad like to cook?  Does he make great meals?  Does he also have a sense of humor?  Then he will love these fun and useful rockin' housewares:

This may possibly be the coolest spatula ever.  Shaped like a guitar, this 100% silicone spatula will flip eggs and pancakes with ease.  Dishwasher safe.  

For mixing up his famous spaghetti sauce, or stirring his three alarm chili, your Dad will need these Mix Stix.  Shaped like drumsticks on the handle end for rockin' out while cookin'.  Made of beechwood, these spoons are awesome!

If Dad can make a cake like no one's business, he'll love the guitar shaped baking spatula.  Silicone spatula has the perfect shape for scraping all the icing from the bowl.  

These Sing Along Tongs are a fun gift for anyone.  Why have boring tongs when you can have ones shaped like a microphone?  These locking, silicone tipped metal tongs are useful and well designed.  

Any dad would appreciate this pizza cutter.  Shaped like the stylus from a record player, it's got a retro cool style and will cut through any kind of pizza, from frozen to gourmet deep dish.  Dishwasher safe.

Does your dad need some new oven mitts?  Does he have sad, half burned up hot pads hanging on his fridge.  And please don't let Dad use kitchen towels as oven mitts any longer!!  Buy him these Hot Hits oven mitts.  Shaped like a 45 record, they will fit any hand and are great for grabbing hot pans off the stove.  Dishwasher safe, they double as trivets to set down that hot pan.
If dad enjoys a nice wine with his food, then the Cock Blocker wine stopper will be a handsome addition to his bar.  It also will keep soda, scotch, or tea fresh as well.  

And if he prefers a shot of whisky or perhaps tequila now and again, he may like this awesome green Yoda shot glass.  May the Force be With You.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Gift Guide part 3---Mustaches!!

Does your dad have an awesome mustache?  If so, he might like one of these mustache themed gifts.

A mustache comb will help Dad keep his stache in perfectly groomed.  Whether he has the Lemmy, Magnum PI, or the Rollie Fingers mustache, it will look better when he uses this comb.  
If he should cut himself while shaving his mustache, he can wear a manly mustache bandage to cover it up.  

Any dad would love a fresh baked cake in the shape of a mustache for his special day.  Works for cornbread and quick breads, too!  Silicone baking mold is oven and dishwasher safe.  
If your dad used to have a cool mustache and misses it, is contemplating growing one, or if he just can't grow a decent one, then these mustaches will be so much fun for him.  There is one for every day of the week!
This giant mustache magnet is hilarious!  Your dad can put it on the front of his car, or on the fridge, or locker.    What a fun gift for dad!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Father's Day is this weekend, and if you still haven't found the perfect gift for your dad, we have several ideas for you to make your dad happy.  Gift Guide Part 1 is for dads who are musicians--whether he is an air guitar wizard, a Rock Band champion, or plays in a band these musician's accessories will be a much appreciated gift...

How about a new strap for his old guitar?

He might appreciate some cool new guitar picks.  

Or a slide for his guitar so he can play the blues.

These Beatles lyrics straps would make any guitar happy.

Any guitar player could always use some new strings

If he's a drummer, a set of drumsticks in an awesome color would make a fun gift.

How about a ukulele??  Easy to learn and fun to play, they come in a variety of colors.  
If he's a DIY kind of dad, he'd probably like a make your own ukulele kit.

And these Woodstock picks will be a nostalgic gift for the dad who grew up in the 60's.

Father's Day Gift Guide #2---The Baconator!!!

Does your dad love bacon?  Does he eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Does he shun green veggies and think tofu is the devil?  Well, then he will love these fun bacon related gift ideas for Father's Day

It's Bacon vs. Tofu!!!  The kid in him will have hours of fun playing with these!!

A bacon scented air freshener will be a welcome addition to his car, den, office, or closet.

Bacon flavored dental floss is something true bacon lovers would enjoy.  
After eating bacon---floss with bacon!!!
Bacon bandages would make a great gift for the meat loving dad.  Whenever he cuts himself shaving and has to don a band aid, he will chuckle to himself.  These are really funny.  

All of these gifts are less than $12, so they are perfect for an inexpensive present.  You may even have some money left over to buy him some actual bacon!