Friday, April 1, 2011

DEVO--a new store kitty.?..

We found this sweet, beautiful black cat last month meowing to get in out of the rain.  He appeared to be somebody's lost pet, as he was clean and loved people.  We called around to all the shelters, posted flyers, and asked around if anyone knew whose kitty this was.  Nobody responded.  We had been keeping him at the store until we found out who he belonged to.  We have two cats at home, and Zorro, our part time store kitty, was now going to have to give up her store time until we found out what we were going to do with this cat.  We wanted to keep him separate from our other two cats until we found out he was healthy.  So we grew more attached to this little guy, (he really loves being held and petted), and it seems as if nobody wanted him.  We have now named him Devo and are going to get him fixed and all of his shots updated next week.  So it appears as if we now have a new store cat.  More details to come....

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