Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Guide Part 4--Ohio and USA made gifts

It's really hard to find something made in the USA these days, let alone Ohio.  We searched our store and found several things that are indeed made in the USA and, even better, in Ohio.

Jewelry is always a good gift to receive.  Our own What the Rock?! line of jewelry is made in Columbus and includes guitar pick bracelets, Ohio necklaces, octopus cameos, antique anatomy cameos, paper jewelry, recycled credit card earrings, and recycled record cuffs.  And Fender or Tenacious D. cuff links or bullet shell push pins make a cool gift for guys...

     Red Skies at Night Guitar Pick bracelet
Red Ohio Necklace   Bullet Shell push pins  Blue Fender Guitar Pick Cufflinks

We also carryseveral other Columbus artists' work, like the yummy polymer jewelry made by Amy Neiwirth of Sweet Stella Designs

Strawberry Waffles Earrings  Blueberry Muffin Post Earrings  Cheez Cracker Studs

And Take Wrning , aka Patrice Lehocky has some pretty jewelry for sale in our store...
Pelotonia Fundraising Sale- Blue Flower Necklace

And Esther Hall from Torn Angel makes lovely little hair bows...

Aqua blue Kanashi

And so does Adorabow.  Both are from Columbus, Ohio.

And from Westerville, Mary Moon makes the most adorable appliqued bags and zippies...

Red and Pink Polka Dot Zippy Wristlet Bag with Green Elephant Applique

Stinkybomb soap is right here in Ohio.  Their soap makes a great gift for guys.  They even have an Ohio shaped soap!!!

Black Hand Grenade Soap  Ohio Shaped Soap- Orange

Honeyrun Farm also makes a great natural soap that smells great...
Peppermint & Tea Tree Wake Up Bar - made with honey and beeswax

Green Bubble Gorgeous, out of Pittsburgh, makes all natural soaps and scrubs.  They're great for the dry winter skin...
SALE Exfoliating Glycerin Soap, Citrus Sugar, made with Fair Trade Shea Butter by greenbubblegorgeous on etsy

Hand poured soy wax candles made from old beer bottles (mostly locally brewed beer and mead) make a nice gift for a gal or a guy.  Made in columbus by Beer Money Candles.  They smell wonderful....

Rachael Gordon from CD101 makes faboulous soft knitted goods.  Everyone loves these cold weather accessories...
Bubblegum Fingerless Mittens

Everyone loves t-shirts, you can never have too many.  We have several styles of locally made Ohio t-shirts in stock for the holidays.  We have Surly Girl, Ohio Loves Me by Mr.Pickles, C-Bus by Urban Threads, The Clampdown Dance party, and The Italian Village tees.  Ohio Loves Me and Surly Girl are also available as onesies!!!

2012 Calendars are always handy to have for the new year.  We have three locally produced calendars for sale and all the proceeds from each go to local charities.  The Betty's Betties goes to Planned Parenthood pf Central Ohio, Cat Welfare calendar (featuring Zorro) goes to halp stray cats in need,  and Pets Without Parents features locally available dogs and cats for adoption.  A great way to give back to your community!!
  2012 Rescue Pet Calendar  

These ruboff stickers are made in California, laser cut necklaces from Seattle, and Retro a GoGo buckles and necklaces are from Michigan...

Almost all of our kids musical instruments are made in Cleveland , Ohio by the Trophy Music Company or Hohner.  That's pretty cool!!

Snoopy's Jaw Harp  Slide WhistleKid's Flutophone

And almost all of our musicaian accessories like straps, strings, slides, capos, drumsticks, and strings are made in the USA!!  Fender and Dunlop are companies that are headquartered here in the US.  Come in and check out our selection...

Galaxy Sparkle Vinyl Guitar Strap  Skull Guitar/Bass Electronic Tuner  Dunlop pick holder  Zombies Collectible Guitar Picks

And we have a bunch of cool toys that are made here in the USA too. The Venus Flytrap is from Cleveland!   As well as our leather belts, cuffs, and chain wallets.  Those are made in LA, CA.  Here are some toys made here in the USA...


  Classic Etch a Sketch
And these pint glass sets are made in the USA....


I think that's it.  So come on down and buy some Christmas gifts that are locally made.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide #3--Rockin' Gifts or people who love to cook...

This gift guide is all about folks who love cookin' up something good to eat in the kitchen.  Whether they are just learning to make a basic pasta dish, or are perfecting their bordelaise sauce..these kitchen gadgets will come in handy.  They are functional, stylish, and unique gifts for the chef on your list....

Every amateur chef has a set of wooden spoons.  But they probably don't have drumstick shaped ones!!  And you can never have too many spoons.  These beechwood spoons will come in handy for mixing and for rockin'.  if they are a drummer AND a chef--well, then it is the perfect gift!
Mix Stix Drumstick Spoons
And if you are a singer AND a chef, then these Sing Along Tongs will be the perfect gift.  Even if you can't sing, but you love to sing in the kitchen, these tongs will come in handy.  You can use them for grabbing food, grilling, turning steaks, and for salad tongs.  What a great design!!  made of silicone, they are dishwasher safe..
Sing Along Tongs

And guitar players who are chefs  may enjoy this Shredder--a guitar shaped cheese grater!!  This small sized shredder is perfect for shredding cheese onto a salad, shaving some parmesan onto your pasta, garlic or onion into your sauce, or nutmeg onto your hot cocoa.  And it looks really cool hanging on a wall in the kitchen...

The Shredder--Guitar shaped cheese grater
And they may already have a whisk, but do they have a bad ass Whip It whisk?  Having several whisks available will make their life easier.  This one is silicone, so it won't scratch your ceramic or glass bowls, either.  Whip those eggs--whip 'em good!!

Whip It Whisk

They may not have a kitchen timer.  These are really handy to have when you are making soft boiled eggs, sauces, desserts and such.  Especially if you are doing two things at once, and may forget to count the minutes on your first dish.  These cute and functional kitchen timers make great lil' gifts.  We have a hamburger timer or a owlet timer in three fun colors.
Hamburger Kitchen TimerOwlet Kitchen Timer
It is very important for chefs to have sharp knives at all times.  Dull knives will mangle the produce and can land the person using the knife to the emergency room.  No rock and roll fun at all!!  To keep their knives super sharp, they should have a knife sharpener.  This carbon steel "Sharp Act" sharpener looks like a lady in the box, ready to be sawed in half for a magic trick.  It sharpens knives easily and with style.  Looks cool sitting out on the counter, ready to use when you needed.  

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener
Measurements are very important when following a recipe, especially when baking.  Some chefs may already have measuring cups, but do they have nesting Russian Doll measuring cups?  These are great because they contain the traditional 1, 1/2, 1/4. 1/8 measurements, but ALSO contain 2/3, 1/3 and 3/4 cup measurements as well.  No more fumbling around trying to find the one you need--they're all right here.  And they look cute enough to keep out on the counter.  Dishwasher safe.  In a cheery red for the holidays!

M-Cups Measuring Matyroshkas

And if baking is their thing, these handy and well designed baking tools will find a happy home in their kitchen.  The silicone baking spatula is shaped like a guitar!  It definitely helps to get every last drop of delicious batter out of a bowl.  And if they like making cakes, why not make a mustache shaped cake!!  Super fun for any occassion!  This silicone mold also works for meatloaf, cornbread, ice sculptures, etc.  And if they bake killer cookies, they would appreciate awesome new cookie cutters.  We have the leg lamp cookie cutter from "A Christmas Story" , Munchstache cookie cutter shaped like mustaches-(bet they don't already have those) and GingerDead men--an edgier take on the traditional gingerbread man.  And the Flipper--a guitar shaped spatula, will help those cookies slide off the pan.  Made of silicone, it is available in red or black.
Guitar Baking Spatula  Mustache Baking Mold The Flipper--Guitar Shaped Spatula

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter  Munchstache mustache cookie cutters  A Christmas Story Cookie Cutter

And if you want to keep the flour off of your clothes when you are baking, and still look cute--these aprons are the way to go.  With rockin' fabrics, they will make any stylish chef happy.  They even have a pocket!  Matching oven mitts and kitchen towels are also available so they can have a matching set.  Such a nice gift for a hostess as well!!  Oven mitts are extra long and potholders have a pocket in them!  You can never have too many kitchen towels.  They also double as placemats.

Galley Ho oven mitt set Galley Ho Anchor Tea Towel

Sugar Skull Kitchen Tea Towel  Sugar Skull oven mitt set 
And we have awesome potholders from Umbrella Girl Productions, made right here in Columbus Ohio!!  She makes these with fabrics you won't find anywhere else, they are exclusive to WTR?!.  Choose from cassette tapes, guitars, and woodland owls.  We don't have photos of the ones from our store yet, but here is a sample of her work..

So that's it for our rockin' gift guide for chefs.  Eat, drink and be merry everyone!!!!