Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Guide part 2---Geeky type

Being a little geeky is cool--most people have an inner dork or love something that is "uncool".  Whether its science, comic books, science fiction, books, or fantasy that brings out your nerdy side, we have gifts that will appeal to the loveable, awkward geeky type.  We <3 Geeks!

Science fiction shows and movies are defintely geeky.  Set your phasers to stun with these Star Trek gifts..

  Spock "Live Long and Prosper" Pint Glass  Star Trek Coaster Set  Star Trek Stainless Steel Water BottleStar Trek Mighty Wallet
Star Trek wallet made of Tyvek, Star Trek stainless steel water bottle, Star Trek coaster set, and Spock pint glass.

And if you have a little one you want to make into a full fledged Trekkie, get them a Star Trek onesie or tee..

Star Trek Kids' Uniform T-shirt  Star Trek Kids' Uniform T-shirt  Star Trek Uniform onesie

If it's Star Wars that they love, then these ARE the gifts you're looking for...

  Star Wars Darth Vader Coffee Mug  Star Wars Yoda Shot GlassStar Wars Tote
Star Wars tote bag, wall clock, Yoda shot glass, and Darth Vader coffee mug.

Or if they are a comic book geek, we have 'em covered.  We have several comic books by local authors, including Nix Comics Quarterly by Ken Eppstein, Joking Victim by Matt Wyatt, and Independent Man by Cunningham and Dote.  Support your local geek!

Other cool comic book related items include DC Comic shots sets, Wonder Woman pint glasses, Batman coffee mug, and DC Comics pint glasses...

DC Comics shot glass set    Wonder Woman Pint Glass set   Batman Mug
And we also have superhero onesies for the tiniest comic book fans...

Justice League Baby Blocks onesie   Superman onesieWonder Woman onesie

For the old school geeks...

Atari Coffee Mug  Cal-Q-Tek 2000 Calculator WatchSpace Intruders erasers

Vintage style atari mug, Cal-Q Tek 2000 watch, and Space Intruders erasers.

Robots may be nerdy, but they are oh so awesome.  We had better be nice to them, for one day they will live among us.  Here is a nice collection of robot themed gifts for you...

Retro inspired, wind-up tin robots are a collectible toy that will be loved for many generations

Wind up tin robot    Martian tin wind up toy

Build your own robot from a cardboard box with this kit...

Cardboard Box Robot
Robots will help you to make tea and ice, or hold all of your pencils...

Robot Tea Infuser     ChillBotsRobot Print Zippy Pouch
Robot tea infuser with drip tray           Chillbots ice cube tray     Robot canvas zippy pouch

Robots can  help with feeding time for the baby...

Retro Robot Mini Bib Gift Set of 2    Retro Robot Suction Bowl Feeding Set   Retro Robot Sippy Cup
Retro Robot baby bib set                   Robot suction bowl w/lid and silverware   Robot sippy cup

Math and science, whether it be astronomy, anatomy, chemistry, or biology are inherently geeky.  If bunson burners make you hot, these gifts are sure to fire up your synapses...

Visible Man or WomanCreate a Night Sky Projection Kit  Hydro-Clock
Visible Man anatomy model        Create a night sky star projector      Hydro clock runs on tap water!!

These would all make nice little stocking stuffers for the science nerd...

Knit Fingerless GlovesMad Science Knee Socks  Space Gun Key Chain Pocket Volcano!

Atomic fingerless gloves Mad Science socks   Space Gun keyring    Pocket Volcano!

This concludes the nerdy gift guide.  Remember:  Be nice to geeks--one day you may be working for them!

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