Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Month's Local Charity: Columbus Music Co-Op

Keep Change Local!!

We've asked you to shop local, and now we're making it easy for you to keep donations local too. Contribute to our monthly local charity by simply rounding up your purchase total to the nearest dollar. At the end of the month, we add it up and send a check to the charity. The May charity will be:

Columbus Music Coop

Making Columbus a better place through music!

Though techincally not a charity, I believe they are a non profit.  These guys are really should check out their website and support their upcoming events.

This is from their facebook page:

"Hi, we're the Columbus Music Co-op and we support the Columbus, Ohio music community. How do we do that? 1. Musician's Emergency Health Assistance program - helping working Central Ohio musicians affected by health-related financial hardship. 2. Grants for musicians and supporters of the Columbus music community 3. Networking, resource sharing and workshops 4. Fostering relationships between Columbus musicians and community organizations interested in supporting the arts 5. Helping out of town musicians identify local resources when they travel through or play Central Ohio."

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